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Peer Support
Recovery Coaching
Motivational Interviewing


Mindfulness and Meditation Training

Mindfulness and meditation are powerful tools to help us become aware of our patterns and underlying causes. They can help us break the cycles and follow our own wisdom.

RPG Adventure Groups

Weekly peer-led role-playing game group meetings. We play games, build community, achieve life goas and heal.

Recovery Coaching

Do you want to direct your own recovery? Do you want to have fun in recovery? Do you want to better understand what you want out of life? Recovery coaching can help you.

About Me

Ken Dunn (aka Katbird)

Recovery Coach/Group Facilitator/Chief Joy Facilitator

Recovery is not the end of fun, it's just the beginning.

My recovery journey started at the end of a 12 year marriage.  I knew things needed to change.  After starting to meditate for intrusive thoughts, I started attending a Buddhist-based and mindfulness-based recovery program.  That was a life changer for me.

After 2 years in recovery, I still wasn't happy.  Things were supposed to be better but, I wasn't feeling it.  I attended Codependents Anonymous and made progress, however, that didn't feel like the end of the story.

I got back into backpacking and started spending more time outdoors.  I eventually decided to attempt to hike the Appalachian Trail.  After 5 month and 2193, I completed it on October 4, 2020 during the pandemic.  During that time, I realized I wanted to follow a life of purpose.

Shortly thereafter, I took experiential recovery coaching training.  I immediately recognized that to be the path I was meant to follow.  Within 4 months I left my previous career of 30 years to work in peer support.

In the meantime, I started attending Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families.  I am continuing to recover from the complex PTSD (CPTSD) that I experienced.

Over the course of my 7 years in recovery, I have seen how engaging in meaningful fun activities has improved my mental health and well-being and how I can learn valuable life skills from them.

Recovery is not the end of fun, it's just the beginning.



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