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Why Join Straight Up Care as
a Peer Specialist

Our ecosystem was built to be a turn-key platform for peer specialists. With a focus on HIPAA compliance we provide you with all the tools you need to be a great, effective peer specialist.


Basic Features

Straight Up Care App

Connect How You Want

Options to meet via secured audio call, text, video, or in person. The choice is yours and your schedule is up to YOU

Set You Own Pricing

You charge whatever you want! You can even charge different amounts for different meetings, like less for audio or text, or charge a different amount for nights and weekends.

Payment Safety

No Shows and nonpayment will no longer be a problem. Before even sending an appointment request, the funds are deposited in escrow for your clients security and yours!


No more double booking! Our built in calendar keeps track of your availability across audio appointment, video, or in person and you can even set a buffer period between appointments

Advanced Matching

Using state of the art machine learning, those searching for peer specialists are able to use their history and background to match as close as possible to yours. This adds a higher probability of better rapport, increases the likelihood of impacting their life in a positive way

HIPAA Compliance

Our app goes above and beyond with compliance. We issue a signed BAA to every peer specialist using our platform. You can rest assured any PHI entered will be safe.

PeerPreneur PRO Features

All Basic Features

Everything in the basic version is included, we just stepped it up to help you take it to the next level!

Custom Website

Your own business website spotlighting you as a Peer Specialist in your community! You can add your own domain name or just use our subdomain. With over 50 different starter templates to choose from, your site will be exactly as you envision.

Done For You Marketing

For most, the biggest fear of entrepreneurship is getting new clients. Fear not, we have you covered. with easy to follow over the shoulder training, advanced built in SEO, and advanced boot camps, getting clients will no longer be an issue.

Personalized Directory Listing

Being added to our directory accomplishes several goals. Adding more detail helps more potential clients learn even more about you, building even more rapport. Also expanding your online presence allows for a better marketing position.

Elite Social Group

We have a growing social media community right inside of Here you can chat and friend other peers, give support and ask advice or just post inspirational quotes, gifs, movies, or pics. Plus we also have Monthly Peer Days to deep dive in community suggested topics.

The Kitchen Sink

As a Pro PeerPreneur, you get first access to everything we at Straight Up Care puts together. Our continuing education courses, our elite entrepreneur courses, future softwares and tools, everything!

What will be your Path?

PeerPreneur Pro

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