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Amanda Bosley

Certified Peer Support Specialist

I am a Peer Support Specialist in Ohio. I have supported dozens through their recovery. I thrive in motivating peers in finding their purpose and pursuing long term recovery. I am confident in my ability to build connections with individuals from all walks of life!
My journey into recovery started in 2009 which involved the successful completion of a medicated assisted treatment program. I have an extensive history of substance use starting early on in my adolescence. I have overcome a history of abuse, trauma, substance use, and years of mental health struggles post recovery from substances.
I have extensive experience in supporting individuals in these areas as well.
I have a background and excellent reputation with advocacy in systems like healthcare, legal, community supervision, and children services. I have set a positive example of recovery in my community by building trust and connections with all different community members and agencies. I want to help you do the same!
I facilitate a recovery coalition in my county which has immense value to advocacy for the recovery community. I can give guidance on how to become involved in your community as a positive example of recovery.
I am on a state speaker bureau that advocates to lawmakers and similar entities on what individuals in the recovery community need. Your individual voice is important and can be heard in many ways!
I have niche for facilitating peer support groups and bringing others together in recovery.

Peer Support changed my life and the way I view my own recovery. My personal recovery relies on a holistic approach: mind, body, spirit. I have found the peer relationship to be mutually beneficial. Helping others helps me. We recover better together!
I am extremely passionate about the recovery community and the difference we can all make. I am always looking for creative and innovative ways to support others in reaching their goals while in recovery.
I have been given a chance at truly living and having a genuine love of life. I want to share this with others!
I am extremely grateful to find a purpose that motivates me and provides me with a true sense of purpose and fulfillment.
We all have our own path and journey through recovery. The important part is that your journey is your own. You create your reality. You make life happen for you. The satisfaction you are seeking is not outside of you but within you! My goal is to support you on your way to self discovery and living life the way you always imagined!
I want to see others prove to themselves that recovery is possible and life can be productive, satisfying, and enjoyable!! I am ready to support you through finding your own way to make that happen!



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