Meet The Peer: Rodney Hough, Certified Peer Spcialist

Meet Rodney Hough

Meet The Peer: Rodney Hough

In this episode of Meet the Peer, host Whitney Menarcheck interviews Rodney Hough, a certified peer specialist in New York. Rodney shares his journey and lived experience with substance use, incarceration, and recovery. He discusses the importance of accountability and hard work as well as the necessity of loving yourself first. Rodney also discusses his additional training and certifications. The episode concludes with words of encouragement for those going through a hard time.


  • Self-care is essential for personal growth and the ability to support others.
  • Gratitude and recognizing one’s own accomplishments are important for mental well-being.
  • Becoming a peer specialist allows individuals to use their personal experiences to help others.
  • Challenging stigma is crucial in creating a more inclusive and supportive society.
  • Words of encouragement can make a significant impact on someone going through a difficult time

Check out Rodney’s peer specialist profile:

Watch the full episode:

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