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Matthew Thompson

Community Health Worker / Retired Marine

Matthew Thompson grew up in rural South Dakota before joining the Marine Corps in 1995. With over 28 years of active enlisted and officer service he deployed three times to Iraq and one time to Afghanistan with many peacetime deployments all over the globe. His experiences resulted in a PTSD, General Anxiety Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder and a Adjustment Disorder diagnoses. After being investigated for domestic abuse / domestic violence, he lost a 26-year marriage and found himself struggling with suicidal ideations. Those suicidal thoughts were exacerbated through the use of opioids, benzos, and 18 months of homelessness.

Matthew's recovery began with Celebrate Recovery, PTSD support groups, National Alliance on Mental Illness, and serving others. He now works as a Community Health Worker and Peer Support at a homeless mission. He is passionate about helping others. Using his life-experiences, Matthew shows how vulnerability and honesty can lead to healing.


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