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Contest to Name the New Reduce The Stigma Series

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Mental health, addiction, drug use, recovery, struggle… these topics can be heavy, confusing, and shrouded in stigma. Reduce The Stigma, your favorite podcast for recovery stories, peer specialists, and recovery-oriented organizations, is taking a bold step forward with a brand new series.

Why A New Series?

Meet The Peer and Recovery Conversations have been well-received and we’re so grateful to our audience. We found there was still more we could be doing to reduce stigma. What else can we be doing? Diving even deeper into these tough topics. Sometimes, the most powerful conversations are the raw, honest ones. We all know mental health, use, addiction, and recovery aren’t easy. They’re messy, complex, and often overwhelming. This new series will rip off the bandaid and dive deep, tackling the realities of mental health challenges, substance use, and the stigma that surrounds them.

What to Expect:

  • Live & Interactive: We’re going live! Every episode will be livestreamed, creating a dynamic space for real-time interaction with you, our incredible audience.
  • Peer Power: We’ll be joined by some of your favorite peer specialists, individuals with lived experience who bring invaluable insight and empathy to the conversation.
  • Your Questions Answered: Got something on your mind? Curious to hear a different perspective? Submit your questions for our hosts and guests to tackle head-on.

This isn’t just about sharing stories – it’s about fostering a supportive community where everyone feels empowered to speak their truth. Whether you’re struggling yourself, supporting a loved one, or simply want to learn more, this series is for you.

But We Need Your Help!

To launch this exciting new chapter, we need YOU! We’re hosting a contest to name the show. We’re looking for a title that’s impactful, engaging, and perfectly captures the essence of meaningful conversations about mental health, addiction, and recovery.

  1. Go to Name The New Series to submit your most creative and powerful title suggestions!
  2. Tell all your friends, family, and everyone you can to go vote for your submission! 

The new name and top winner will be announced during our Livestream show 6/25/24 at 8pm ET. 


  • All submissions will be entered into a random selection raffle to win one (1) $20 gift card to the SUC/RTS store
  • The 5 submissions with the most votes will receive a RTS T-shirt
  • The submission selected to be the name will win a $50 SUC/RTS gift card and a $30 peer support voucher redeemable on Straight Up Care. The voucher can be transferred to a friend/family member

Stay tuned for more information on the premiere date, guest line-up, and how to tune in live!

Tips for Coming Up With A Name

  • Know the audience: Who is the show trying to reach? Tailor the name to their interests and language.
    • We are trying to reach individuals with lived experience with substance use, mental health, recovery, struggles, all of life’s hard moments. We also want to reach their friends, family, and people in their community.
  • Keep it catchy: Short, memorable titles are easier to recall. Aim for 2-3 words, ideally under 29 characters.
  • Clarity is key: The name should give listeners a hint about the show’s content or tone.
    • Content: Deep, sometimes emotionally-charged and difficult topics.
    • Tone: Laid back and friendly but also serious about helping others.
  • Search friendly: Include relevant keywords to help listeners find the show. But avoid keyword stuffing; prioritize natural-sounding language.
  • Be unique: Check to see if there’s already a popular show with that name. Think about what would catch your attention?
  • Wordplay magic: Puns, alliteration, or rhyme can make the title stand out.
  • Get feedback: Bounce ideas off friends, family, or potential listeners.
  • Say it out loud: Does it roll off the tongue? How would you introduce it?

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