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Enrico Farruggio

Mobile Crisis Responder, CPRS

I grew up feeling like an outcast, different, and less than because I was a special ed student. My Parents got divorced when I was in 6th grade. I tried to cope with the divorce the best I could as an 11-year-old. From 6th grade to high school, my social life diminished, and spent my time behind a computer screen playing video games. I would walk back home right after being dropped off. The video game community is where I felt loved and the attention I was seeking. In high school, there was this crowd that seemed to be happy, and laughing all the time. I observed what they were doing and stole a pack of my mom's cigarettes later that day. The next day I brought the cigarettes to one of the guys in that crowd. The next day, I was introduced to Marijuana and I thought I found the solution in my life. Very shortly after, I started smoking every day and attended parties with alcohol. Building Barriers with the ones that loved me most by lying, and stealing. Fast Forward, to the end of my using days was being homeless at a traffic light with a cardboard sign. Sleeping in my car, dirty clothes for months, and sneaking into public facilities to get a shower. When I accepted that I was powerless and unmanageable from drugs (Heroin, Cocaine). That was the start of my Journey being clean and sober.



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