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Dr. Mo, (Melissa Dittberner), PhD, CPS, PS, LMT, is an award winning lecturer in the Addiction Counseling and Prevention department at the University of South Dakota. She has a Ph.D. in Counseling and Psychology in Education, a master’s in Addiction Studies and a bachelor’s in Health Sciences. Dr. Mo is a TEDx speaker, prevention specialist and peer specialist. She is the CEO of Straight Up Care, a telehealth platform for peer specialist. Dr. Mo is the Executive Director of Midwest Street Medicine. She is a co-author of, The Alcohol Reset. She does research on college students’ substance use, pedagogy, addiction, trauma, body brokering, tattoos as healing and harm reduction. Dr. Mo is a person in long-term recovery and her mission is to empower individuals to learn and navigate their paths to recovery and well-being.



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