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Dakota Ouellette

Peer Supporter(Certified Recovery Support Specialist)

Hello! My name is Dakota, though most people call me Kota! I am twenty, going on twenty-one, and I use the pronouns they/she. I'm so happy that you stumbled across my small corner of the internet. I hope you find this to be a welcoming, inclusive space, whether you are looking for 1:1 peer support, or you are just casually scrolling my page.

I am a Certified Recovery Support Specialist in the state of Connecticut. This is my state's equivalent to a Peer Supporter! This means that my role is to used my lived experience with trauma and mental health struggles to walk alongside other people on their own recovery journeys from similar experiences to my own. A RSS is not a therapist, a psychologist, a counselor, or a psychiatrist, but rather an individual who is professionally trained and certified to be an ally to others in recovery, share experiences, inspire hope, practice coping skills, discuss multifacted factors in recovery, celebrate wins, connect others with resources, and be a cheerleader as our clients/peers find their own way to recovery. Outside of this, I am an undergraduate Social Work major, wrapping up at community college and applying to an accelerated BSW program with conditional acceptance. I hope to one day blend clinical therapeutic work with the heart and values of peer support, as I feel like both lines of work could benefit from collaboration!

Outside of my career, I am also a writer! I write primarily poetry and short stories, and I have won quite a few contests in high school and college. I am currently in the early stages of outlining my first novel. I also have two cats, Ace and Allie, who are my babies! I love the Warrior Cats book series, Pokémon, Stardew Valley, Percy Jackson, My Hero Academia, Mario, Ninja Turtles, Five Nights at Freddy's, and most other nerdy stuff you can think of! I am neurodivergent, a member of the lgbtq+ community, an open and passionate Christian, and I fall under the chronic pain/illness umbrella for a few different medical/physical challenges I deal with.

Again, I am so glad you are here! Remember that you are loved, wanted, valued, and you belong here. You are strong and have infinite worth, simply because you are you! I wish you all the best on your journey, wherever you are and wherever it takes you.




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