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Belinda Ennis, PIT (Peer-in-Training)

Peer Support Specialist Services

My name is Belinda, and I am certified to provide peer support recovery services 1:1 and in group settings as of this year! I have lived experience as both a minor and adult with mental and physical health concerns including: substance use disorder, spinal trauma, TMJD, chronic pain, PCOS, neurodivergence, CPTSD, self-harm, eating disorders, insomnia, OCD, major depressive disorder, general anxiety disorder, and borderline personality traits. Today, I have been in recovery for over 3 years, and it means everything to me to use my experiences to offer compassionate support to other people and to combat the stigma many individuals face when reaching out to talk about their real life challenges.

There is absolutely hope for a full life! I believe strongly in building a support system that is not
harmful, celebrating every small victory, and implementing respectful boundaries. One of my
priorities in providing peer support services is to promote self-advocacy and assist in finding
relevant resources and information for any obstacle you may be facing. This may include justice involvement, person-centered mental health and/or substance use disorder treatment, rent/utility assistance, free to affordable educational tools, lack of purpose, issues with experiencing a felt sense of safety, and more. There will always be problems, but I want you to know there are also solutions, even if all I can give you is a supportive presence that day. I know firsthand how overwhelming even small tasks in the day to day can be, and I'm here to walk with you on both the good and bad days.

Since undergoing many types of mental health treatment centers, short and long term recovery programs, and homelessness, my life has completely changed. I had burned all my bridges, and it took me several years of pain and struggle to find the right recovery path for both my substance use disorder and mental health concerns. I now have 3 years sober from the substances that I felt had previously ruined my life, a more stable nervous system, and a beautiful little cove of chosen family and friends that support me and my dreams. I am realizing those dreams every day. I have worked in many different environments and gained useful experiences, found out what I'm passionate about, began to rebuild a cozy home and garden that I never could have dreamed of, and I have pets, a partner, and friends that I get to enjoy every day. I have a healthy partnership with my physicians and a recovery plan I made that I get to use to help me when I am feeling incapable. I have found and implemented ways to care for myself that restore me instead of drain me with worry. I get to be creative with art and music. I am so glad I was not successful in giving my life up, because now I feel like I get to fight for what I have and I have the drive and tools to do so. I have many goals for what I want to do with peer work and it feels good to work towards what I care about, which is being the supporter for other people that I needed when I began reaching out.

I am a strong ally for all walks of life and beliefs and am part of the LGBTQIA+ community myself. I know what it is like to feel like you can't be yourself, and I want to provide not only a safe space, but also a brave space to be authentically, wonderfully you. I am actively pursuing life-saving certifications (CPR, first aid, mental health first aid, NARCAN) to equip my community with tools and knowledge. I have many interests that I'd like to bring further into the forefront of the recovery and mental health community such as emotional support animals, nature exploration, yoga, breathwork, meditation, somatic awareness practices, and creative outlet focused groups/1:1s. I'd love to hear about your interests and talk about anything you need support with! Remember that there is hope, there are good people in the world that care about what you are going through, and that you deserve a full, rich life no matter what you have been through.



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