Meet The Peer: Roger Crouell, Jr.

Roger Crouell, Certified Peer Specialist, Discusses Addiction Recovery Journey, Peer Support, and Self-Care

In this  episode of Meet the Peer, Whitney Menarcheck interviews Roger Crouell, a Certified Peer Specialist from Virginia. Roger opens up about his personal journey, including his experience with addiction, incarceration, and his path to recovery.

Roger emphasizes the crucial role of peer support and the impact of Certified Peer Specialists in helping individuals navigate difficult times. He also sheds light on the significance of financial management in the recovery process.

Moreover, Roger addresses the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction, particularly in the black community. He encourages self-love and self-care, offering words of encouragement for those who are struggling.

Tune in to this powerful episode and learn more about the importance of peer support, financial management, and self-care in addiction recovery.

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